How to add your PHONE NUMBER and LOGO to your Agent profile

Home seekers must be able to contact you by call or text when they like a property you have posted.

For your phone number to appear on all your properties posted on, you must add your phone number to your profile.

You can also upload your logo so it appears on your agent profile.
The following steps will guide you to easily add your phone number and logo to your profile.

1. It is assumed you have already registered on or via the Realtimate App.

2. Open the app, click the Login/Register button at the top if you are not already logged in. Enter your username/email and password to login, check the “I’m not a robot”.

3. After logging in, Click on the EDIT PROFILE button. (See photo below)


4. Scroll down the page and Find the Space to enter your Phone number and also the button to add your logo (see photo below)

5. Enter your phone number in the space provided. (As seen below)

6. After entering your phone number, add your logo by Clicking on button that says ‘UPLOAD YOUR PROFILE PHOTO ‘.

Select the location of your logo you want to upload and select it. Wait for it to upload. (see photo below)

8. After the picture has uploaded, Scroll down the page to find ‘UPDATE PROFILE’. Click on it to update your profile (as seen below)

9. That’s it. CONGRATS, You just added your phone number and logo to your agent profile. Your phone number and logo should now appear on every property you post and on your profile.